myKRO.org was started in the spring of 2008 with the goal of increasing awareness for the concept of microfinance. It stemmed largely from discovering Kiva.org and realizing the impact that $25 can make in the lives of those in developing countries. The world of microfinace is undiscovered by the general population due to the lack of coverage by the mainstream media, and even the online world. There was no central source for information relating to microfinance that could be found in early 2008, so myKRO.org was born. We are bringing together the voices of volunteers, employees of NGO’s, political leaders, and world travelers who have 1st hand experience and knowledge about microfinance.

Mission: Inspire the world’s elite minority to actively empower the world’s underprivileged majority. Through an online community, encourage information flow that promotes increased awareness and knowledge of microfinance as a poverty-fighting tool.

What does the name myKRO mean? myKRO.org originated from a combination of English and Bengali words. The phrase “Khudro Riner Ontore” means Inside Microfinance in Bengali, which abbreviates to KRO. To demonstrate the importance of the personal nature of microfinance, the “my” was added. Of course, the fact that myKRO happens to sound like micro didn’t hurt.

Either by reading and educating yourself, or contributing your knowledge and experiences, we hope you join us.

Jerry Ostradicky and Drew Meyers

The Team

Drew Meyers – Co-Founder

Drew in founder of OhHeyWorld – a new travel startup focused. Founder and managing editor of Geek Estate Blog, and worked 4 and a half years for Zillow.com before his departure to travel in January of 2010. He also overseas ESM Exec Designs. In his free time, he enjoys traveling the world and spending quality time with passionate people. Twitter | Personal blog

Jerry Ostradicky – Co-Founder

Jerry Ostradicky currently serves as the Manager of Advertising Operations Zillow.com where he focuses on the day to day operations of all the ads on the site.  Additionally, he works with various microfinance non-profits, and is currently a writer and part of the online team at SeattleMicrofinance.org (SeaMO). In his spare time, he too enjoys traveling, but more importantly is focused on networking with people who enjoy changing the world through various non-profit organizations…oh, an he also loves to ski!

Kat Rodota – Microfinance Coordinator

Kat is a recent graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she majored in International Business and minored in French.  She is passionate about traveling and loves learning about different cultures, which is what first led her to choose International Business as her major.  Kat has spent extended amounts of time abroad, living both in Paris and in Mauritius.  She has previously worked in private-equity, social media, and non-profit sectors.  Kat is very interested in finance, especially microfinance because it combines her business background with her desire to help people.  In her free time, Kat likes to read on her Kindle, ski, and swim.  She has done several open water swims, including the Alcatraz Swim twice.

  • Congratulations, the site looks great! Now we just need to get the word out!

  • Kayla, Jerry, and Drew,
    Congrats on the new site! I added it to my Google Reader and look forward to following and participating when possible.

  • Great start Drew. Looking forward to reading stuff here… and spreading the word!

  • Magnus

    Congratulations Drew on your new site.
    Keep up the good work.

  • LK

    Is there any way to post jobs to the site? Thanks!

  • Alex mwirigi

    am a student at mount kenya university pursuing a diploma in information technology i would like to apply aloan to start agaming cafe

  • You should contact microfinance institutions in Kenya directly.
    Orgs like this: http://www.kiva.org/partners/138

  • inforamisajaona

    Greetings from Ramisajaona Jean-Luc Olivier,

    We are looking for co-investor to start our activities in Madagascar. I’m also interested in hearing about debt and/or equity options.
    My business is Passengers and Tourism transportation in Madagascar. Please reply for more detail.

    Highly appreciate your kind reply.

    Best regards,