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Hi, I'm a finance blogger who is interested in how different financial tools, including microfinance, can deliver real value to consumers.

Despite technological advancements and high levels of consumer awareness, financial fraud is common these days because fraudsters are highly adaptive and creative. The risk of financial loss at the hands of scammers, hackers and swindlers is evenly spread across the developed and developing world. The difference, perhaps, lies in the level of sophistication of these attacks, where the loose legal, regulatory and technical frameworks of third world countries make it … Read More >>

Microfinance – The Positive Ripple Effect

Fehmeen blogs at Top Money Hacks. Microfinance spread across the global economy like a gentle yet noticeable wave a few years ago and led to empowerment of the lower class in more ways than one could imagine. Since microcredit is a financial tool, one would imagine the benefit delivered would be limited to monetary gain, but the social nature of this tool has created value in numerous ways. A few studies … Read More >>

Preventing Fraud in Mobile Banking

Fehmeen blogs at Top Money Hacks. One of the reasons mobile banking has quickly penetrated developing countries such as Kenya and the Philippines is because the formal financial sector has failed to tap into a huge market composed of the unbanked population. While this phenomenon does wonders for improving financial access for the poor, it also threatens the stability of the social and financial markets by increasing the mobile banking solutions’ … Read More >>

Three Innovations in Micro-Savings

This guest post was written by Fehmeen, who blogs at Top Money Hacks. Micro-savings are perhaps as important is microcredit, if not more, because they help create a financial buffer that reduces the economic volatility of the poor. Realizing the potential benefits of micro-savings, many microfinance institutions are showing interest in developing this service. A recent post published my Microfinance Gateway mentions a few innovations in rural saving services in … Read More >>

This article was written by Fehmeen who blogs at Top Money Hacks. Ever heard of interest-free loans in microfinance? Probably not, because some microfinance institutions need to cover their expenses and others are in it for the money. But Seeds for Development, which is a UK-based microfinance charity specializing in micro crops, is different because interest rates play no role in their business model. I recently had the privilege of interviewing … Read More >>