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About Kevin Halloran

I am a volunteer for Esperanza International working closely with Kiva in the Dominican Republic.

I wanted this post to be deep, intellectual thoughts that would blow all of your minds, but realize with only a few weeks of experience, I realize I don’t have any of those thoughts.  What I can offer is some observations I have about microfinance and poverty. It seems so two-dimensional to learn about something through a book or in a classroom when you can see it first hand.  Microfinance … Read More >>

Introduction to the myKRO Community

My name is Kevin Halloran and I’m a new contributor here at Ever since hearing about microfinance my freshman year in college I have been interested in exploring it further.  I decided to look into a internship with a microfinance organization and found an opportunity to work with a partner of HOPE International (Esperanza International) in the Dominican Republic for the next 3 months. I am working closely with … Read More >>