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Update from Unitus

Today I received a detailed update from Unitus, and I think you might find it as fascinating as I did, for both its honesty and its comments about the state of microfinance in general. I made a small donation a few years ago, and have been impressed with the organization’s communications ever since.  It begins: Dear Unitus Donors and Supporters: This is a follow-up to our July 2 announcement that … Read More >>

Today I listened to this Global Prosperity Wonkcast with David Roodman: A crisis is unfolding in India’s microcredit sector that– beyond its immediate effects on borrowers and lenders– will greatly affect the future of financial services for the poor. I’m joined by David Roodman, senior fellow here at the Center for Global Development and author of the forthcoming book Due Diligence: A Guide to Microfinance (which he has shared step … Read More >>

The Student Initiative Seeks New Fellows

My friend Akhila Kolisetty, who writes the excellent blog Justice For All, passed along this opportunity.  She writes: I worked with this organization (The Student Initiative) while studying abroad at LSE (Actually, I co-founded it and now am on the Board of Directors), and was wondering if you could help me pass along a great opportunity to any people, organizations, groups or listservs (particularly university student groups) who you think … Read More >>

“Why would borrowers in Nicaragua protest against microfinance?” my friend Michael asked me a few days ago. Michael and I both majored in Latin American Studies at Berkeley. His email re-ignited my excitement for microfinance in Latin America. When I was studying abroad in Chile I interned with an organization called Accion Emprendedora, which sparked my interest in the intersection between business and social good. Michael sent me this fascinating … Read More >>