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Tell me about Tala

Tala, formerly InVenture, is revolutionizing financial services in countries around the world by bringing credit scores to billions of people in East Africa, India and South Africa who not only don’t have one, but don’t have a mechanism to get one. These individuals may not be unbanked, but their countries have no system for them to measure their credit. This makes makes scalability and financial growth difficult: if you are a borrower, … Read More >>


Kiva U.S. has arrived is known for crowdfunding socially responsible business loans (in increments of just $25) between ordinary people halfway around the world from one another. The cornerstone of the non-profit organization is the online platform, which allows anyone with an Internet connection, $25 and a PayPal account to contribute to a small loan for someone in the developing world. The practice highlights the strength of the American dollar when efficiently applied in the developing world; $300 USD for a farmer in … Read More >>