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Wokai Shutting the Doors

Below is the full text of the email that Wokai sent out today (also is currently on their home page): Dear Wokai Contributors, We regret to tell you that we are starting the process of winding down Wokai and concluding operations. Wokai has been actively searching for a new CEO to take the organization to the next level in China. However, as of our application deadline, no clear candidate came … Read More >>

Wokai Website Redesign

I just took a look at Wokai — and noticed they’ve completed a brand new website redesign sometime in the past week or two. Custom websites are what I do for a living, and I’m certainly impressed with the result they came up with. I’m willing to bet that this site will convert web traffic to dollars raised at a much higher clip than their old site did. The design is … Read More >>

Here’s an interview with Casey Wilson, the Co-Founder of in China:

I received this email from Wokai yesterday: Uploaded with Skitch! A wokai tshirt for earning “impact points”. SMART. When I get my shirt in the mail, Wokai will have just turned me into a walking billboard. Would I wear a shirt from just any brand that offered me one? No. But, it just so happens that Wokai, Kiva, Grameen, and Vittana are all microfinance brands that I’m passionate about. And, … Read More >>

I was just taking a look at Wokai as a result of a post on Facebook (linking to this post about moving Wokai to the cloud) — and noticed a feature I absolutely LOVE when I signed in. Contribution Plans! Uploaded with Skitch! The feature allows a registered member of Wokai to set up a recurring contribution (to entrepreneurs in China) and/or donation (to Wokai overhead) that will be billed … Read More >>

This was posted on the Wokai Blog earlier this week. The Global Policy Institute at the London Metropolitan University has recently published the first of a series of reports on microfinance in China. In this paper they offer their view of what is preventing microcredit from developing in China and offer recommendations for Chinese policy makers that wish to promote this sector. According to their analysis, the slow growth of … Read More >>

WOKAI x FREXH 2010 Shanghai

For those of you who will be in China in early August (or wanting to do a bit of traveling), check out Frexh Shanghai 2010 — a two day art/food/fashion/music event in Shanghai August 6th and 7th! Part of the proceeds will benefit Wokai, which as most of you likely know, is China’s first microfinance lending platform. Here’s a video the Frexh team put together highlighting Wokai. I don’t have … Read More >>

Wokai CEO Casey Wilson on Bloomberg

Congrats to Casey Wilson and the Wokai team for landing an appearance on Morning Call Bloomberg this past week!! Here’s the video:

Casey Wilson recently had a great email that she sent out about the recent articles about Kiva in the NY times that I thought was worth posting: You might have read Stephanie Strom’s article “Confusion Where Money Lent via Kiva Goes” in the New York Times a few days ago.  This issue has been making the rounds since David Roodman’s post a month ago.  As a fellow “peer-to-peer” microfinance organization, … Read More >>

How the Rural Half Lives – Wokai Video

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