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Live Below the Line Challenge

Want to see what it’s like living below the poverty line? Spend 5 days feeding yourself with $1.50 a day.  Get a glimpse of what it is like for 1.4 billion people in the world. Live Below the Line is an initiative of the Global Poverty Project, an education and campaigning organization whose mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action against extreme poverty. Learn more … Read More >>

The number of people around the world who have access to microcredit financing has fallen for the first time in 13 years, reflecting turmoil in the sector and fall out from the global financial crisis.  The total number of people with access to microloans and other financial services fell by 10 million in 2011 compared to 2010.  The sector had ballooned since the 1990s, reaching hundreds of millions of people and … Read More >>

Who said you need a financial institution for microfinance? These ladies certainly don’t! About 160 kilometers outside the capital of the African nation Burkina Faso, a group of women have come together to form their own microcredit system.  They raised the capital, and then spread it out to their members like a microfinance institution would do.  The capital comes from and is returned to the actual beneficiaries of microfinance.  The … Read More >>

Upcoming Microfinance Events

Here are some fun upcoming microfinance events to get involved with! Shine 5K Run for Prosperity Where: 500 Amboy Road.  Asheville Road, NC 28806. When: December 20th 4:00-6:00 pm. Come raise seed money to establish scholarship funds in microfinance education and research.  The run is $15 and free for kids! Accounting and Microfinance Conference When: December 21st Where: The Grove Park Inn.  Asheville, North Carolina. The purpose of this event is to … Read More >>

Chooze is a good returns company and invests its profits in anti-poverty programs at the end of each year.  These programs provide training, support, education, and loans to women so they can start their own businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.  The loans are paid back at the end of the year, and the cycle starts again.  They choose to loan money this way because it is more sustainable … Read More >>

Using Music to Make a Difference

Whole Planet Foundation has started an initiative called Musicians for Microfinance as a way to engage the music community and its fans in awareness raising and fundraising.  The program features digital album and track downloads, in-store performances, and benefit concerts to help empower women around the world to change their own lives. To date, the Musicians for Microfinance program has raised 6784 dollars, impacting the lives of 245 people.  In … Read More >>

6 Marathons in 6 Days

Completing one marathon is on my life’s goal list, let alone 6!  When I say that Deyl Kearin is running 6 marathons in 6 days, it blew my mind.  Deyl is looking for support for his fundraiser for the Opportunity International Running 4 Poverty fundraiser.  Check out the video, I’m sure you’ll be inspired:

The Microlending Film Project

You don’t see films about mcirofinance and the impact that it has on communities very often.  To Catch a Dollar was a big hit last year, so I thought I’d pass along this new film project that I came across.   The Microlending Film Project is looking for donations to fund its documentary on microfinance around the globe and how it is a helpful tool for woman to help them rise … Read More >>

Trickle Up is an organization that empowers people living on less than $1.25 a day to take the first steps out of poverty, providing them with resources to build microenterprises for a better quality of life.  In partnership with local agencies, Trickle Up provides business training seed capital grants to launch or expand a microenterprise and savings support to build assets throughout Asia, Africa and Central America. “Yesterday, Trickle Up … Read More >>

For those looking for a challenge in microfinance: