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Help End World Hunger!

Help end world hunger by simply buying a t-shirt! In honor of World Food Day, Opportunity International and Made for Good have come together with a cool t-shirt to support ending hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Opportunity provides small-scale farmers in this area loans to buy high-quality seed and fertilizer, training in best farming practices, insurance to protect crops from natural disasters, and access to markets to sell their crops.  With … Read More >>

Microfinance for Crop Insurance

When I was abroad this summer in Mauritius, we attended a workshop with the Red Cross where they discussed how climate change was affecting their work.  This mainly consisted of more detailed planning and more disaster preparedness for the organization.  The Red Cross also told us that climate change has much more disastrous effects in developing countries, where there is a lack of infrastructure.  Along the same lines, microfinance institutions … Read More >>

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve added a member to our team — Kat Rodata. She’ll be interning for us for awhile, helping out with content along with building and maintaining relationships with outside contributors of myKRO. A little bit about her… Kat Rodota is a recent graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she majored in International Business and minored in French.  She is passionate about traveling … Read More >>

Does the Olympics help Microfinance?

With the entire world focusing on the Olympics, it seems like it’d be the perfect platform to help spread awareness about microfinance, however, I haven’t really seen a single thing about it.  I’ve seen all sorts of advertisements about bringing the world together, ending poverty and hunger, helping cure diseases, helping children grow, etc but nothing that was specific to microfinance.  You even hear medal winning athletes, especially ones who … Read More >>

Microlending has been one of the most powerful weapons against poverty that western countries have had for nearly 40 years. Time and time again the effectiveness of microfinance has been studied, and proven to be successful. Yet, as we approach the 40th anniversary of Muhammad Yunus’s first microcredit loan, the effectiveness of microfinance has come into question once more. While there are many advantages to offering microfinance options to those entrepreneurs in … Read More >>

Sorry, Our Site Was Hacked!

Hey everybody, Wanted to write up a quick apology for the last month or so.  Our site was hacked and infected with malware, so we’ve been scrambling on working with some developers to get things cleaned up.  There aren’t any known issues that affected any users, and we have everything cleaned up now, so we should be good to go going forward. Additionally, please note that the design of our site … Read More >>

There is increasing recognition of the role a Commodity Exchange can play in the agriculture business sector. Not only will a commodity exchange bring specific benefits to the farmer: A. Encourage group purchase of inputs and selling of outputs B. Better extension = higher yield C. Higher farmgate prices and “guaranteed” market A+B+C = D Farmer has a stronger and “more profitable” business But the stakeholders needed for the “foundations” … Read More >>

Think big. If there were no cost/funding restrictions, what would the perfect platform for microfinance be that included mobile banking? Everything (client and MFI) managed from a SMART phone. Is Mifos the only project with momentum? Or are there other platforms that exist under the radar? Any thoughts, opinions, or questions would be appreciated.

Opportunity International recently posted an article with the top 10 microfinance blogs that they are reading.  Here is a partial list of their choices: The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) Microfinance Blog discusses the benefits and challenges of various tools used in microfinance and provides a forum to learn more about new microfinance initiatives. There are a variety of contributing writers who share their expertise on the nuances … Read More >>

Saundra Schimmelpfennig over at Good Intentions wrote a great article called “Four questions to ask before funding a microfinance project.” The article, which is based on CGAP’s “Good Practice Guidelines for Funders of Microfinanc” and goes into details on four questions that each lender should think about before lending to a microfinance entrepreneur Question #1: What alternatives to loans are also available? Question #2: Has the charity done due diligence … Read More >>