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If you’ve been looking for a microfinance platform focusing on women and girls, today is your lucky day! A new website called Catapult combines crowdfunding and microfinance to help women and girls around the world.  Launched at the Clinton Global Initiative, Catapult features a wide range of projects from child brides to family planning to education.  The site goes beyond traditional business microfinance to help the needs of women and … Read More >>

Head of Microfinance for BNP Paribas

Emmanuel De Lutzel, Head of Microfinance for BNP Paribas, sat down for an interview with Microfinance Focus to discuss the developments in the microfinance industry.  BNP Paribas now has invested over 150 million euros in this industry.  De Lutzel believes the industry is reconstructing itself and coming back to the “fundamentals” after struggling a bit over the last few years.  Additionally, he sees microfinance focusing more on livelihood finance, including … Read More >>

Bahrain is starting to focus more attention on social businesses in their country.  The Family Bank in partnership with the Economic Development Board, Ministry of Social Development, Tamkeen, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Bahrain Development Bank organized the first Bahrain Social Business Week earlier this year in September. Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank, was one of the speakers participating in the four-day event.  Professor … Read More >>

Habitat for Humanity has entered into another partnership to support microfinance, this time with the Citi Foundation.  The two organizations announced the publication of a new toolkit to encourage microfinance institutions to include or enhance housing microfinance products in their portfolios.  The end goal of the Housing Microfinance: Product Development Toolkit is to provide small, affordable loans that low-income families can use to improve their housing.  The toolkit is available … Read More >>

CGAP 2012 Photo Contest Winners!

For the past 7 years, CGAP has had its annual photo contest which always brings in amazing pictures from all around the world.  This years competition started in June and CGAP has finally chosen it’s winner! Yavuz Sariyildiz of Turkey is this years winner of over 2,500 photos that were submitted: Even though Yavuz was the winner, there were a lot of great pictures.  Here are a few more: (the … Read More >>

MicroRate has just released their seventh annual survey and analysis of the state of microfinance investment.  The study finds that microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) have settled into a lower level of growth after the global financial crisis, with total asset growth at eleven percent.  In 2010, the total asset growth was twelve percent, and it is forecasted to be fourteen percent in 2014.  The microfinance investment market is moving towards … Read More >>

Top 11 Microfinance Institutions for 2012

Philanthropedia recently posted a research study where they asked experts to recommend four microfinance non-profits organizations for their outsanding work that they have done, here are the results: The Cause: Most of the world’s poor lack access to basic financial services that would help them manage their assets and generate income. This is especially true for the 900 million extremely poor people who live in rural areas of developing countries. … Read More >>

Congrats to our friends over at MicroRate for celebrating their 15th birthday a few days ago! From the MicroRate: Washington D.C., July 27, 2012 – This month MicroRate, the first rating agency to specialize in microfinance, celebrated its 15th anniversary. “We started MicroRate because already in 1997 it was apparent that public investment could not finance the immense demand for microcredit. Only private capital markets would be large enough,” reflected … Read More >>

With the recent IPO of Facebook, I thought that this concept by ZunguZ and Getbucks is pretty interesting: “Cape Town-based social media payment service ZunguZ has formed a partnership with local online micro-loans company GetBucks to offer Facebook users loans of up to R500 via the popular social network. The companies claim their service is the world’s first social media credit facility. While GetBucks does the necessary vetting and administration … Read More >>

It’s that time of year again, when lenders, entrepreneurs, travelers, etc all send in their photos to the CGAP annual microfinance photo contest: “Is there a moment or a place where you’ve witnessed the impact of finance in helping poor people manage their own lives? Has your lens captured people using finance in nontraditional ways, or innovations in financial service delivery? We’re looking for photos that capture the ways in … Read More >>