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Recently Julia Taylor Kennedy from Policy Innovations interviewed Susan Davis, one of the pioneers of microfinance: “Susan Davis was an early adopter of entrepreneurship as a way to fight global poverty. She has been associated with the biggest names in the business: Ashoka, Grameen, and BRAC. Since working with Ford Foundation in Bangladesh in the 1980s, she has seen this country as a hotbed for creative development solutions, and she … Read More >>

Here’s a good article by Forbes that interviews Mary Ellen Iskenderian , the CEO of Women’s World Banking, about the future of microfinance: The microfinance industry has been through a lot in recent times. From the suicides of over-indebted clients in Andhra Pradesh, India, to in-fighting over the future direction of the industry, microfinance as an idea and a practice is at a turning point, suggesting an end of one … Read More >>

Interview With Suresh Krishna

Hanson Wade is organizing the Investment and Innovation in Microfinance conference the 24-27th of January in Singapore.  Microfinance in India has been a topic of conversation for all those in the industry over the last few weeks.  Recently, Amy Miller, the Programme Director for MicroFinance at Hanson Wade spoke to Suresh Krishna, Managing Director at Grameen Financial Services. Suresh’s comments were very interesting, so we’ve compiled the highlights into an exclusive … Read More >>

This article was written by Fehmeen who blogs at Top Money Hacks. Ever heard of interest-free loans in microfinance? Probably not, because some microfinance institutions need to cover their expenses and others are in it for the money. But Seeds for Development, which is a UK-based microfinance charity specializing in micro crops, is different because interest rates play no role in their business model. I recently had the privilege of interviewing … Read More >>

After spending 12+ years abroad, microfinance for me will always evoke dusty bazaars and foreign places.  I’ve been home a year now and have gotten used to the idea of the many microfinance programs operating in California’s Bay Area, with its urban areas and wildly varying incomes.  Still, I found myself a bit surprised when I learned about a microsavings program operating in my home town of San Mateo, California.  After all, San … Read More >>

Video Interview with Bill Drayton of Ashoka

Here’s an interesting video interview with Bill Drayton from Ashoka.

How often do you catch yourself saying “microfinance” when you really mean “microcredit?”  Let’s face it – in the world of microfinance, lending represents the lion’s share of financial activity, with savings and other services the poor second cousins.  However, in San Francisco, EARN has flipped that equation, with microsavings playing the leading role.   I interviewed EARN CEO, Ben Mangan, to learn about their program, savings and sustainability, and the … Read More >>

The book, Microfinance for Bankers and Investors, provides case studies demonstrating how microfinance is attracting top companies and investors, allowing for both social responsibility and profit.  Its author, Elisabeth Rhyne, Managing Director of the Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION International, will be speaking on Engaging the Private Sector in Microfinance to the Silicon Valley Microfinance Network on September 16th.  Here’s a teaser: Me:  Thanks for letting me interview you … Read More >>

After twelve years in the field, I found myself a bit behind the tech curve when I returned to my home in the Silicon Valley.  So after attending Stephen Goodman’s (from Sun Microsystems) presentation on Emerging Market Models to the SVMN, I decided to circle back and get some questions answered from a Luddite’s view. Me (Kirsten): Thanks for taking the time to chat with me Stephen. Stephen: Of course! … Read More >>

NPR Interview: Anthony Pace

Here’s a good interview on NPR with Anthony Pace, the executive director of The Plan Fund.  Here’s a little background on The Plun Fund: Starting in 1999 The PLAN Fund has been committed to making a positive difference in the lives of working class entrepreneurs. The PLAN Fund is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist entrepreneurs to achieve success in starting and or expanding their small businesses. Our … Read More >>