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Kiva U.S. has arrived is known for crowdfunding socially responsible business loans (in increments of just $25) between ordinary people halfway around the world from one another. The cornerstone of the non-profit organization is the online platform, which allows anyone with an Internet connection, $25 and a PayPal account to contribute to a small loan for someone in the developing world. The practice highlights the strength of the American dollar when efficiently applied in the developing world; $300 USD for a farmer in … Read More >>

Since 2005, more than 1.8 million people around the world have made a loan on Kiva…

There’s been a microfinance angle to Horizon (a blend of AirBnB & Couchsurfing within trusted networks) all along — if I had to trace the origins back to the very beginning, finding those deeply involved in the microfinance industry around the globe was one of the early pain points I experienced traveling. The other microfinance tie is our support for Kiva while testing what we refer to as #travelbygiving (replacing or supplementing house gifts with donations … Read More >>

A great piece on Kiva Zip on CNBC… Premal Shah, Kiva‘s president, and Stevenson Dunn, Kiva loan borrower and The Bishop Gallery owner, discuss the launch of Kiva’s $25 lending platform for small businesses.

You may know it was my initial frustration finding microfinance advocates around the globe that led me down the path to create Oh Hey World, and now Horizon. Thus, it’s probably no surprise to you I devour interviews, content, and interactions with people heavily involved in the microfinance world. I found 3 of them in one interview: LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman (Kiva board member) interviewed Kiva’s Premal Shah and Julie Hanna as … Read More >>


Kiva Hits 1 Million Borrowers

Wow, Kiva hit 1 MILLION borrowers over the weekend…congrats! PS: If you want to find other Kiva advocates nearby, I encourage you to join the Kiva community on Oh Hey World.

Kiva Opens an Office in Nairobi

Very cool to see that Kiva has opened an office in Nairobi! Here’s a short video…

Kiva logo

Vittana and Kiva Partner

Big news today that two of the big names in microfinance are now working together — Vittana and Kiva. + Vittana, currently in 12 countries, will be able to scale up the number of loans to students they distribute by taking advantage of Kiva’s massive audience of funders as a source of capital. Congrats to both parties for joining forces!

Kiva Gift Cards

Kiva Gift Cards, the gift that keeps on giving. Literally.

Looking For A Job At Kiva?

Who wouldn’t want to work at Kiva, one of the coolest non-profits out there?  Looks like Kiva is hiring a few positions on the business side of things: “Chief Financial Officer About the Job: Kiva is looking for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). S/he will provide stability and strategic guidance to the growing Kiva team. S/he will play a central role in the continued growth of the organization. In addition … Read More >>