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Kiva Bonuses

Free money to lend, can’t go wrong there!  

Kiva Zip: Kiva’s New P2P Pilot

Recently Kiva launched a new pilot program called Kiva Zip, which is testing new approaches in direct P2P lending, rather than the traditional approach via MFIs.  There are already companies out there like Zidisha who are already doing this, so it’ll be interesting to see what Kiva comes up with.  Here’s more about the program:   What is Kiva Zip? Kiva Zip is an innovation of Kiva that will test … Read More >>


Kiva recently announced that they are offering $25 free trials to new users so that they can experience they joys of microfunding. Visit their website to learn how it works In addition to free trials, Kiva is offering free merchandise to current lenders who sign up 5 or 20 people to use Kiva:  

First Kiva City: Detroit

Kiva City, which launched a couple weeks ago is a new way for Kiva to accelerate the growth of U.S. microfinance by empowering communities. Detroit was selected as the first Kiva City, a partnership between Kiva, Michigan Corps, Knight Foundation and ACCION USA to expand the reach of Kiva lenders to the entrepreneurs in Detroit. If you missed it, you can view Bill Clinton announcing Kiva City here. The day … Read More >>

Kiva and Visa Launch Kiva City

A couple days ago Bill Clinton announced the launch of “Kiva City’ at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference which is a joint project between Kiva and Visa.  Kiva City is a new way for Kiva to accelerate the growth of U.S. microfinance by empowering communities to join the movement. Each Kiva City will be an alliance between four groups: Kiva – Kiva brings its personal microlending website, with more than … Read More >>

A Kiva Loan Defaults

I got the following email the other day from Dear Drew Meyers, This email confirms that your loan to Koami Dodji Dogba on has defaulted. $20.13 of your loan has been repaid. If possible, further information about this loan will be posted as an update on the entrepreneur profile page. We hope that you realize that this default is a true exception to the norm and that you will … Read More >>

This article on Kiva News made me smile – Team Australia (all 2,900 of them) just went over $1 million in loans to entrepreneurs around the globe on Kiva. Makes me feel bad team is so far behind

Here’s a great post by Ryan Calkins over at SeaMO about an interview with Premal Shah, the president of Kiva, and what his expectations are for the next 5 years:

Party Time at Kiva

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, celebrate with Kiva on their 5th birthday on October 13 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  Tickets are on sale now and going fast!  There will be remarks by Matt Flannery and Premal Shah, along with music, dancing, and a chance to meet Kiva employees and fellows.  For those in the New York City area, the Kiva New York lending … Read More >>