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I have repeatedly wondered this question with respect to natural disaster since I have begun working in Santiago with Esperanza International and Kiva.  What happens to microfinance bank members when natural disaster strikes? In the case of the Dominican Republic, natural disaster comes often and in the form of tropical storm and hurricane activity.  Since arriving two months ago I have come across the stories of two individuals, each effected … Read More >>

I wanted this post to be deep, intellectual thoughts that would blow all of your minds, but realize with only a few weeks of experience, I realize I don’t have any of those thoughts.  What I can offer is some observations I have about microfinance and poverty. It seems so two-dimensional to learn about something through a book or in a classroom when you can see it first hand.  Microfinance … Read More >>

Introduction to the myKRO Community

My name is Kevin Halloran and I’m a new contributor here at Ever since hearing about microfinance my freshman year in college I have been interested in exploring it further.  I decided to look into a internship with a microfinance organization and found an opportunity to work with a partner of HOPE International (Esperanza International) in the Dominican Republic for the next 3 months. I am working closely with … Read More >>

I took a trip to the Dominican Republic to visit my friend Kayla, who works for Esperanza International in their Santo Domingo office, about a month ago. For starters, I can’t believe it took me so long to finish this post, which I’ve had in a draft state for a few weeks, but that’s neither here nor there. The trip was my second time in the Dominican Republic and, as … Read More >>

Micro credit vs. Micro credit-plus…..

My name is Kayla Villnow, and I work for Esperanza International down in the Dominican Republic.  I have left a couple of posts, but not nearly as many as I could!  Being that one of my New Year’s resolutions is to contribute more frequently, I thought I’d start off with a question for the Mykro community… what do you think is better, a simple micro credit model, or a micro … Read More >>

The following story is submitted on behalf of Esperanza International, the interview was conducted by volunteer Travis Vaughan. Shely comes from a highly impoverished community on the north coast of the Dominican Republic; she is a Haitian immigrant. Shely Perez has been an extremely influential leader her community, encouraging other women and small business owners to become involved with Esperanza. She says that in the past, many of her community … Read More >>

A member of the Nicaraguan Association of Microfinancing Associations, Fondo de Desarrollo Local is a lead institution in credit service provision in Nicaragua’s rural sector.  FDL’s portfolio is over $ 54 million dollars placed with more than 75,000 clients, 61% of whom are women, and 62% of the credits are agricultural. FDL has received various international acknowledgements as one of the most transparent and best administered institutions in Central America … Read More >>

It’s a blistering hot day. A child runs by you, nearly naked, his skin smeared with mud and powdered by dust, his bare feet pattering down a road littered with garbage. Under the shady branches of a mango tree sits an ebony faced woman, fanning herself, rearranging the countless pieces of gum and candies she has for sale in a deteriorating wooden briefcase. You look over your shoulder. Now you … Read More >>