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Despite technological advancements and high levels of consumer awareness, financial fraud is common these days because fraudsters are highly adaptive and creative. The risk of financial loss at the hands of scammers, hackers and swindlers is evenly spread across the developed and developing world. The difference, perhaps, lies in the level of sophistication of these attacks, where the loose legal, regulatory and technical frameworks of third world countries make it … Read More >>

Throughout the developing world, it is crucially important to empower women when trying to lift a country out of poverty.  By not allowing women to work, you are eliminating half of the work force for the country.  Evidence has surfaced recently that microfinance in some countries may not be as successful at reaching female clients as previously thought.  When it comes to Pakistan, only fifty-nine percent of microfinance clients are … Read More >>

A couple months ago I saw spam emails from Kiva, now Grameen warns about email scams using the Grameen Foundation name: