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A great piece on Kiva Zip on CNBC… Premal Shah, Kiva‘s president, and Stevenson Dunn, Kiva loan borrower and The Bishop Gallery owner, discuss the launch of Kiva’s $25 lending platform for small businesses.

You may know it was my initial frustration finding microfinance advocates around the globe that led me down the path to create Oh Hey World, and now Horizon. Thus, it’s probably no surprise to you I devour interviews, content, and interactions with people heavily involved in the microfinance world. I found 3 of them in one interview: LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman (Kiva board member) interviewed Kiva’s Premal Shah and Julie Hanna as … Read More >>


The Missing Middle

In OECD countries, employment is primarily generated by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  However, in the least developed countries, the SME sector is practically non-existent.  There are a lot of very small companies and a few very large companies, but nobody in the middle.  The “Missing Middle”, as this phenomenon is named, prevents many developing countries from having a true middle class, which largely drives an economy.  How do … Read More >>

Month of Microfinance has officially begun — with a video from Muhammad Yunus answering the question of “how do you keep clients first?”

OneSeed Expeditions 2013

Check out this awesome video from OneSeed Expeditions Patagonia trip 2013 down in Chile: Patagonia 2013 from The Dauphinee Group Inc on Vimeo. Here’s a list of some of their upcoming adventures: Atacama Under the Stars – April/October 2013 Langtang Journey – April/October 2013 Chile Trek and Sip – March/October/November 2013

Vittana: 5,000 Smiles in 2012

Cool video from Vittana showing the faces of the people they’ve supported in 2012: 5,000 smiles in 2012! from Vittana on Vimeo.

Here’s a good video by Muhammad Yunus for those of you that are new to microfinance and want to hear the history first hand:   Source: Finance Documentaries

I kind of wish I was a filmmaker…Microflicks, which is a new initiative by VisionFund and WorldVision, is sending talented filmmakers around the world to interesting and unique locations to film microfinance.  I think this is a cool take because it’ll shed some more light on microfinance by sending good filmmakers around the world.  I’m not saying that the ones that have already done it aren’t good, but it’ll shed … Read More >>

6 Marathons in 6 Days

Completing one marathon is on my life’s goal list, let alone 6!  When I say that Deyl Kearin is running 6 marathons in 6 days, it blew my mind.  Deyl is looking for support for his fundraiser for the Opportunity International Running 4 Poverty fundraiser.  Check out the video, I’m sure you’ll be inspired: