Future of Microfinance In China?

Recently I’ve seen a few articles by the China Daily and Microcapital that discuss how the microfinance industry in China is growing rapidly, with strong YoY grow.  This sounds right considering the economic growth that they are seeing, but then it got me wondering why there are more lending platforms or easier ways to loan to these people.  Wokai used to be a lending platform that only served people in China, but they had to shut their doors earlier this year.  Additionally, you don’t see China as one of the lenders on some of the bigger lending platforms such as Kiva.  I always figured that it was due to the fact that the infrastructure wasn’t there to support it, but it looks like it is.  I wonder if someone new will come in and try to brdige the gap between lenders in the western world and loan recipients in China.

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I work in Advertising Operations at Zillow, but LOVE microfinance. I'm always interested in startups, especially non-profits, reach out to me if you're working on anything cool!
  • Seems really weird the government hasn’t put more effort into microfinance. Seems their interest of increased economic activity aligns with entrepreneurs who need capital to grow their businesses.