Head of Microfinance for BNP Paribas

Emmanuel De Lutzel, Head of Microfinance for BNP Paribas, sat down for an interview with Microfinance Focus to discuss the developments in the microfinance industry.  BNP Paribas now has invested over 150 million euros in this industry.  De Lutzel believes the industry is reconstructing itself and coming back to the “fundamentals” after struggling a bit over the last few years.  Additionally, he sees microfinance focusing more on livelihood finance, including water and housing, not just funding for entrepreneurs.  In the next few years, De Lutzel predicts mobile phone will be the most dominant delivery channel for microfinance, especially in reaching rural areas.  He also sees rural China as a potential untapped microfinance market, along with the other BRIC nations.  De Lutzel has some interesting insights about the microfinance industry, and some good predictions for the future of the industry.  Click here to read the entire interview.

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