Microfinance In Ethiopia: DECSI

DECSI (Dedebit Credit And Savings Institution S. C), located in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia, is an MFI that has over 423,000 active borrowers and has a gross portfolio of over 116 millions USD.

The mission of DECSI is to improve the well being of those individuals, who are not getting services from the formal sector banks, by increasing their income and wealth through the provision of quality and sustainable financial services.

– To help small producers to become financially independent and start their economic activity
– To provide credit to enhance the productive capacity of small producer
– To provide savings facilities and thus foster thriftiness
– To increase employment and raise the standard of living of clients and their families.
– To increase institutional efficiency and effectiveness

Although DECSI doesn’t have an official website (at least that I can find), here is a great video that gives you a brief description of some of the things they are doing over in Ethiopia.

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