MicroFinance Transparency is a young non-profit organization that promotes fair and transparent pricing in the microfinance industry. Its desire is to be the venue for the microfinance industry to publicly demonstrate its commitment to pricing transparency, integrity and poverty alleviation. MFT’s vision is to have an industry operating with healthy free market conditions where consumers and other stakeholders can make informed decisions.

MFT is seeking one intern with a 20-day, renewable contract. Preferably based in either New York, NY, Lancaster, PA or within convenient travel distance of either, this intern is responsible for assisting the MFTransparency team with implementing Salesforce. The intern will input MFTransparency’s existing contact information as well as assist database manager with customization and planning and implementing staff training programs.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Inputting contact information from business cards, Gmail and Outlook
  • Performing data cleaning and establishing automated data cleaning routines
  • Collaborating with database manager to plan and implement customizations
  • Researching Apps, capabilities and ways to maximize the potential of Salesforce in the daily work of the organization
  • Developing user guides that will assist MFT staff in fully utilizing tools available through Salesforce.


  • Working knowledge of intermediate Excel functionality is a must
  • Significant experience using Salesforce is a must
  • Prior experience implementing, customizing and/or planning and implementing structural changes to a Salesforce database is not necessary but is a plus
  • Ideal candidate will have a career interest in data management
  • Must have a strong command of English


  • Full training in basic Salesforce administration. Salesforce is currently used by over 5,000 non-profit organizations around the world, and many more in the for-profit community.
  • Experience implementing Salesforce, implying full knowledge of the customization process
  • Experience designing and administering an employee training program for the use of Salesforce
  • Knowledge of how Salesforce functions in the context of a dynamic non-profit organization with an international focus
  • Ability to work with MFT senior management including the CEO & President and Vice President

Application instructions:
Please submit a resume and cover letter via email to Jordan Filko at jordan@mftransparency.org. Please specify the position you are applying for in your email, and include the dates you will be available for the internship.

About Jerry Ostradicky

I work in Advertising Operations at Zillow, but LOVE microfinance. I'm always interested in startups, especially non-profits, reach out to me if you're working on anything cool!