Muhammad Yunus on the Simpsons

It was recently announced that Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Laureate who founded the Grameen Bank, will be guest starring on the TV show The Simpsons.  This special episode will air on October 3rd and will focus on microfinance and the Grameen Bank’s work. Yeardly Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, has been a big supporter of microfinance and flew to Dhaka for a week long visit to study the work of the Grameen Bank.  The Simpsons is the longest running TV show and has drawn quite the crowd of followers over the years.  By introducing the concept of microfinance on the show, it has potential to reach a whole new audience.  I’m definitely curious to see how much the show talks about microfinance and whether it takes a serious stance or a humorous one, for which the shown is know for.

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