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Microfinance lending platforms are part of a new wave of innovative websites that help connect people like you and me with entrepreneurs around the world.  I’m sure it’s no secret which platform I prefer, however, I like to give each up and coming platform a fair trial, so I always like to highlight any new platforms so that people can make their own decision.
Last week, was officially launched by four students from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.  Here’s a few words from the founders themselves:

“Using our site, you can make a loan directly to a vetted micro-entrepreneur in the West Bank.  We work with US government-approved microfinance institutions on the ground to deliver your capital along with training and guidance to low-income individuals who are interested in starting or expanding their own small businesses.  Your loan is repaid over a set period of time as your micro-entrepreneur builds economic self-sufficiency and a stake in peace.
Founded by two Jews and two Palestinians, (“LFP”) was created to enable people of all faiths and backgrounds to make a tangible difference in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  To learn more about our mission, read a Message from the Founders.”

LendForPeace is a pretty straight forward lending platform that gets right to the point, and doesn’t require a lot of hoops to jump through.  For people that are newer to microfinance lending, this is a huge plus because they won’t be distracted from what they are trying to do.  I am also a huge fan of microfinance platforms that focus on certain geographic regions.  Similar to Wokai’s bold move in China, LendForPeace focuses primarily in the Palestinian territories, which as we all know in quite the hotspot.
Ryan Hogarth, from, goes into depth about LendForPeace in his article “MICROCAPITAL STORY: A Kiva-like Internet Microfinance Brokerage “Lend-for-Peace” is Founded for Palestine.”

At first glance, seems very promising.  I am excited to make my first loan and to see what kind of impact it can have.  If anybody has any feedback or would like to share an experience with, feel free to let us all know.

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I work in Advertising Operations at Zillow, but LOVE microfinance. I'm always interested in startups, especially non-profits, reach out to me if you're working on anything cool!
  • Jerry, thanks for checking out and for your kind words!

    We look forward to incorporating as much feedback as possible into the site and to working collaboratively with the community to shape the future of the organization.

    If anyone has thoughts on how best to grow, we’d love your input!

    All the best,

    David Fraga

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  • Hi David,
    Congrats on the recent launch of you website. Like I described in my post, I am a fan of it so far, and I look forward to hearing about progress or any updates that you guys may have. Keep us all in the loop!