Last month I wrote about some spam that I had seen hit a microfinance platform, well now I am seeing it in another form.  Yesterday I was going through my emails, when I saw an email that I thought was from Kiva, but it just didn’t look right.  I decided to cautiously open it just to be sure.  The email turns out to be from a company called “Kiva Micro Financial Loan Company.”  Once seeing the details of the email, it was obvious that it was a scam that was phishing for information.  In my case, as with many I am sure, since I was opening it with gmail, I received warning that I should be cautious opening the email.  However,I’m sure there are many people who don’t have the same security settings that I do, and might be getting caught by this.  It is a shame seeing scams hit the microfinance world.  Most people don’t get caught by them in this day and age, but the scammers will keep trying to impersonate lenders and organizations to trick people, and all it takes is a couple of the wrong people to get scammed and it will make microfinance look bad.  If anybody sees any other form of Microfinance scams, please share them with the group.

Kiva spam

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