The Microlending Film Project

You don’t see films about mcirofinance and the impact that it has on communities very often.  To Catch a Dollar was a big hit last year, so I thought I’d pass along this new film project that I came across.   The Microlending Film Project is looking for donations to fund its documentary on microfinance around the globe and how it is a helpful tool for woman to help them rise out of poverty.  Here’s a little more about the project:

The Microlending Film Project (film title TBD) is an independently produced feature documentary centered on the current state of global microfinance to women as a tool for alleviating poverty, and as an alternate credit option for entrepreneurs who either can’t or choose not to borrow from traditional banks.

Interviews with experts within the field of microfinance and development thought-leaders will ground the narrative.  These include commentary from two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Kristof, Ela Bhatt, founder of SEWA Credit and a member of The Elders, a group of eminent world leaders brought together by Nelson Mandela, and CEO and Founder of Microfinance Transparency Initiative Chuck Waterfield.  We also seek to include commentary from experts at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The film is being produced through donations pledged via Fiscal Sponsor Fractured Atlas, a 501c(3), allowing tax-deductible status, through grants from Duke University and others, and through the Director’s own personal savings.  It is not funded in any way by a corporation or special interest.  The film belongs to Microlending Film LLC, a corporation of which Rachel Cook is the sole member.

We are interested in focusing on microlending to women in particular because women are an often under-utilized economic component of developing countries. While it’s a given that helping poor women financially support themselves and their families is a definitive moral right, we are interested in examining how doing so through microfinance may also be an economic imperative.

Our goal is to make a high definition, story-intensive documentary that will connect with audiences through film festivals and national broadcasts. Additionally, we aim to make available a companion educational curriculum to accompany the film for classroom screenings. We want to encourage students and adults alike to learn more about microlending to women and its effects both in the developing world, and in our own backyard.


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