Vittana Awareded Grant

Congrats to the Seattle based microfinance startup Vittana for receiving a $250,000 grant from to help their efforts in supporting students all over the world get a higher education:

“Supporting 2,000 students in 12 countries, Seattle non-profit recognized for Empowerment through Technology.
Efforts to increase global access to education received a big boost today:, making $40 million in end of year grants across three categories, announced that it will support Vittana, a non-profit that combines the massive reach of microfinance with the transformative power of education by building the world’s first student microloan programs with MFIs in developing countries. Vittana, whose website allows users to make loans directly to students, will use Google’s $250,000 grant to build 24 additional programs by 2013. Vittana aims to ignite a global market for education microfinance-one that will reach 1 million students by 2015. [Read More]”



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