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The the goal of myKRO.org is to become the go-to source for news, analysis, and opinions about what is going on within the microfinance industry. We are looking for people who are passionate about raising awareness for the benefits of microcredit. By bringing a human face to the issues, we will help the general population get a better understanding of how they can make an impact in the world through microfinance.

Types of Contributors:

  • Employees working at microfinance institutions around the world
  • Individual donors
  • Loan recipients
  • Volunteers
  • Any other passionate people who would like to share their views and experiences with microcredit

Possible subject matter:

  • Entrepreneur stories
  • Before, during, and after stories from those who have volunteered for MFI’s around the world
  • Interviews with microlenders
  • New statistics relating to Microfinance
  • Technology to enhance MFI projects

Contributor Guidelines:

  • If you are going to attack something… attack ideas, not people. (i.e. “your idea sucks”… not “you suck”)
  • Avoid obvious self-promotion
  • Do not cross post content on other blogs
  • Disclose conflicts of interest
  • Topics should be issues that have either been researched or learned through 1st hand experience

If you made it this far and are still interested in writing, you can e-mail your details to “meyers (dot) drew (at) gmail (dot) com” or “jerryostradicky (at) gmail (dot) com”

  • this is wonderful guys. i have a boatload of microcredit orgs who are joining us at the May 29th Puget Sound Millennium Goals Project event in seattle, and it will be an excellent networking opportunity. i’ll post a flyer as soon as i figure out how.

    best of luck to you, you’re the best!

    stay close,

    sammi fredenburg
    seattle ONE volunteer coordinator

  • I’m in! And, don’t forget to mention the Global Partnerships 6th Annual “Business of Hope Luncheon” on Tuesday October 28, 2008 at the Westin Hotel in Seattle. (I just got the postcard reminder for the event on Tuesday!)


  • gregory

    i will write a bit, but not about the official, ngo, foreign wealth to those in need, micro-finance as meme (do-gooder in action, save the planet, go green, charity as fashion statement, etc.)

    as valuable as much of that is (though, god, can you imagine what gates foundation could actually accomplish if they dropped the disease fix idea, and just made schools?) there is a lot more going on in self-help and micro-financing than what makes the western newspapers. ok, eastern too.

    i am talking about how these ancient rural cultures take care of their own, in the absence of police or law or banks. how a widower is set by the customs of the culture. how support happens in families, or tribes, traditionally. because the micro-finance thing is too often built on the idea of let’s make little business men and women, who then pretty much turn into middle class exploiters of the poor class they just left. despite the tv shows about it, or, rather, after the cameras depart.

    micro-credit is sometimes the local money lender, but it is just as often interest-free loans, mutual support in small amounts, there is a constant flow in any community of village area, and it has been part of normal life forever. we white guys just don’t stay around long enough to actually know how things work. we have simply lowered the amount it takes to buy an identity, or throw money at a problem.

    yes, this was an idea that came from local culture, but it is being commoditized now in the west, and one of the signs of that is this blog, believe it or not. not as bad as the u.n. guys living in vasant vihar, meeting in the five-star hotels talking about how to feed the poor, but in that direction.

    so, hmm, want a story from the ground?


  • Bhuvnesh Kumar Tiwari

    When we talk about Microfinance industry it is a very broad view generated by Mr Muhammad Yunus khan and also a part of The Long Tail concept. This concept says
    Selling unique products to the low- frquency long tail of the sector(Poor). Because
    they can be the best loan payer in comparison to the Rich people.Here the quote by
    Mr.Yunus khan is very important,

    ” It’s not the people who are not credit worthy,
    It’s the bank who are not people worthy”

    By discovering this industry poor people got many benefits. Here if people say that
    microfinance organizations are exploiting poor people i do not agree with this statement
    here basic idea of not working through an NGO(Non-Government organization) is they do not get access to ample amount of Fund. So rather than working as an NGO, companies are working as an NBFC (Non Banking Financial Corporations).Because it becomes easy for them to get access to the commercial funds.
    The second part is that i am against the
    way these organization is adopting to get repayment. Like one organization in
    Andhrapradesh kidnapped the daughter of a customer who was not able to
    deposit three or four installments for the last weeks.

  • sathy

    I would like to contribute and work for your organisation. How do i go about?

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  • Mustafa Karahan

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently trying to initiate a new structure on behalf of a municipiality in Istanbul to fight against poverty in the city.
    I am trying to propose a structure to the mayor but i have no experience in this field, nor any examples here in Turkey. I would appreciate any help in making a proper presentation of the structure and moreover, if the idea is approved I will be needing professional help for establishment process and running it.
    I am just trying structure the process as a typical banking operation (limited with my experience) as if a loan proceure is imitated only the segment, volume and the aim is a little different.
    Any ideas, any help, please write to mkarahan@futurebright.net


  • Mariam Macharia

    am a student from the university of nairobi situated in Kenya am planning on starting a student saving microfinance to empower students to save and build enterprenuership in them. i would like your ideas on how to go about it : how to write the proposal, how to convince students to join and business ideas thanks

  • Almaz

    Hi, I would like to post my articles on microfinance in kyrgyzstan on your websites if possible. Please, contact me urbaev@gmail.com.

  • krisnabk

    i live in Cianjur Indonesia, a small town easy to reach from Bandung, Jakarta and Bogor

    i have skill and experience in cultivating elm oyster mushroom which has big market in those three towns

    but i do not have money to start

    i only have honesty and high motivation to be self employed

    here it is i offer a profit sharing system in that business

    let it be inform to you that kumbung is a mushroom growing house and baglog is media where the mushroom lives

    as you can learn from the file atteched, this project need Rp279.000.000 (two hundred and seventy nine millions Rupiahs)

    equivalent with about 30.000USD (thirty thousands dollars US)

    i just want to take 5% from gross profit monthly

    i have calculated for 5 years term and building 5 mushroom growing house need a 1000m2 land to be rent and fund needed is about 30000USD.

    the bc ratio is 2.59 and the roi is 159%

    actually i can make the project much larger in scale, even from the beginning process (making the media) until post harvest

    process to produce several kind of food products. but i think it can be arrange later if there are trusty relationship between us.

    hope will hear from you soon

  • Loh Tean Hin

    We started setting up company on behalf of investors however due to incapability to comply we terminated the cooperation. However we still network new investors but due to shortest time to fuel the few projects I therefore seeking assistance.

    Dear Sirs/Madam

    I had recently some projects with objective of investment into Malaysia but since the investors changed its course and we are not able to comply so voided the plan of Euro 500m into renewable energy, engineering, clean tech, banking.

    I am now residing in Vietnam, a Malaysian.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best regards.

    Loh Tean Hin (Gilbert)

    Mobile: +84902644128 (Vietnam)

    Skype: lohteanhin